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Worm Works LLC

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Award Winning Composting Service

Worm Works won the Loudoun County Innovation Challenge's First Place Agri-Tech Award and Grant as well as the People's Choice Award and Grant!

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Worm Works was a finalist and grant-winner in the 2020 UVA Darden Graduate School of Business VentureLab Incubator Program

Worm Works was a Social Entrepreneurship finalist and grant-winner in the 2019 UVA Entrepreneurship-Cup

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Composting Made Easy

Here at Worm Works LLC, we make composting easy for you! We collect your food waste and other compostables, compost them at our farm, and give you compost for your lawn, garden, or houseplants.

We are similar, in a way, to your trash or recycling service, but with the added benefits of

1. Reducing how much waste you send to the landfill by up to 50% which reduces how much land must be used for landfill expansion

2. Eliminating the potent Methane emissions that are emitted when food waste and other compostables are buried in a landfill

3. Giving you free high-quality compost delivered right to your door

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We are a subscription-based composting organization with an array of options designed to make composting easy for you. 

For our families and residential subscribers, we have two types of plans:


We offer curbside pickup subscriptions where we come to your house or apartment every week, every other week, or once per month to swap out your 5-gallon bucket that you have been filling up with your food waste and compostable waste with an empty, fresh, and clean bucket. This is similar to your trash or recycling program, where you have a set service day and simply leave out the full bucket in the morning, and in the evening, bring in the clean/empty bucket that we drop off. With one of these subscriptions, you also get full access to our 9 drop off locations in Loudoun and Fairfax counties and we provide personalized data on the amount of waste you diverted from the landfill along with the amount of carbon emissions you have prevented compared with sending that waste to the landfill.

We also offer drop-off subscriptions where you have access to all 9 of our centralized drop-off locations around Loudoun and Fairfax County. You can use your own container (recommended) or purchase one from us to collect your food and compostable waste, and then drive or walk to one of our locations on their specified day each week to empty out the collected waste.

For businesses who are interested in our composting services, please reach out to us via email at where we will create a customized subscription tailored to your needs.


Our Products

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Worm Works was founded by George Ardura and Taylor Kamhong because of the inadequacy and unsustainability of our waste management system, the rapidly growing soil erosion crisis in Virginia & across the nation, and the continued methane emissions produced by buried food and compostable waste in landfills that accelerate climate change.



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We are growing! Drop us your information and we will send you updates with everything going on at Worm Works :)

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