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Here at Worm Works LLC, we make composting easy for you! We collect your food waste and other compostables, compost them at our farm, and give you compost for your lawn, garden, or houseplants.

We are similar, in a way, to your trash or recycling service, but with the added benefits of

1. Reducing how much waste you send to the landfill by up to 50% which reduces how much land must be used for landfill expansion

2. Eliminating the potent Methane emissions that are emitted when food waste and other compostables are buried in a landfill

3. Giving you free high-quality compost delivered right to your door

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Worm Works was founded because of the inadequacy and unsustainability of our waste management system, the rapidly growing soil erosion crisis in Virginia & across the nation, and the enormous levels of methane emissions produced by buried food and compostable waste in landfills that accelerate climate change.